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Dear (Insert Legislator’s Name),

I am writing to you to let you know that I fully support the slate of legislative proposals that Growing Together CT is advocating for this session to address the State’s housing crisis and the inequities that result from it. 

Growing Together CT is a consortium of organizations dedicated to addressing the legacy of intentional residential segregation and its impact by promoting access to affordable housing everywhere and advocating for equitable policies and investments in under-resourced communities. Here are a few facts about Connecticut’s housing crisis as presented in recent news articles:

  • In many parts of the state, home prices are at record levels. (Hartford Insider)
  • Connecticut has one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country which contributes to high rents, increased eviction rates, and homelessness. (CT Insider) 
  • There was less housing built in Connecticut in 2022 than in any state except Alaska and Rhode Island. (CT Insider) 
  • State research has found that we need 169,400 units for low-income residents and 101,600 homes for middle-income residents. (CT Insider) 
  • Historically CT has averaged about 2,000 units a year built with government support. Last year, only 1,000 units were built. (CT Insider)

To combat these problems, there are several other important initiatives that the Growing Together CT Consortium has endorsed and I hope that you will support. They are: 

  • Support Homelessness Alleviation: $20 million investment in the homelessness response system. 

  • Just Cause Eviction: Extend protections that have worked well for years to prevent the  eviction of seniors except if there is just cause to all households. 

  • Housing Growth Fund: This fund would allocate $50 million on a formula-basis to  municipalities that are playing a meaningful role in allowing affordable housing to be built.

  • Make Vouchers Work: We propose that, for both the state and federal  programs, the programs be adjusted to ensure that voucher values are set at levels that allow access to all parts of the state and that an assessment is undertaken in a timely manner to  ensure that voucher values keep pace with rental costs in each housing market, ideally at a zip  code level. Our second voucher proposal is increased funding for the Rental Assistance Program (RAP).

  • Infrastructure Investments in Municipalities Planning for a Range of Housing: Growing Together CT recommends that sewer infrastructure planning to support affordable units be added to the current optional plans created by municipal water pollution control  authorities, where they exist, and that towns that include such elements in their sewer planning be eligible for sewer infrastructure expansion support from the state in the form of a new fund.

I hope that you will support these proposals this legislative session and help our State address this very real housing crisis. Thank you.



(Your Name)

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