Connecticut’s cities are the innovation, business, and culture centers of our state. But decades of disinvestment and segregationist housing practices have undermined our cities’ growth and development and constrained opportunity for urban residents. Too many families in our cities are trapped in cycles of poverty, unable to receive sufficient municipal support from a too-thin property tax base, and priced out of educational and economic opportunity. Connecticut’s unjust policies and history of disinvestment hold back hundreds of thousands of people, needlessly limiting our state’s potential.

Hundreds of thousands of families choose to live in cities because they love the atmosphere, amenities, excitement, cultural institutions and influences, and possibilities of urban life. But they didn’t choose to be limited by segregation or held back by structural barriers to opportunity.

Our Plan: A Statewide Urban Listening Tour Leading to Community-Led Policies

  • Every City Matters: Growing Together CT is committed to a months-long tour that partners with community leaders in every city in the state.
  • Deep Listening: We will center the perspectives and experiences of people who live with the reality of segregation and disinvestment every day and will design policies that directly improve their lives.
  • Transformative Investment: We will not propose a half measure or pass the buck. We will propose a transformative investment that addresses the needs of our cities and their most-impacted communities.

Our Core Policy Areas

Community input will guide our priorities, but we anticipate solutions will likely prioritize the following goals:

  • Create Wealth: promote homeownership, small business ownership, and broad-based economic growth.
  • Support Renters: support subsidized housing, remove harmful hazards, and housing opportunity.
  • Build Community: invest in community spaces, parks, playgrounds, and public transportation.

Read the Revitalization Fact Sheet here

Contact us at [email protected] if you want to be involved in the community input process!

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