Growing Together CT

Why we came together:  Throughout the state, Connecticut lacks housing that allows families at all incomes to thrive and too many parts of our state are being held back from reaching their promise as a result of disinvestment.  The Growing Together Connecticut movement actively works to generate more housing choices everywhere and promote equitable revitalization of under-resourced communities. Together, these combined strategies will create a stronger, more environmentally sustainable, and equitable Connecticut. It is the right thing and the smart thing to do for CT!

This vision is realized through:

  • Fair Share Planning and Zoning that positions each town in CT to lay the groundwork for positive housing growth that is responsive to the need.
  • Equitable reinvestments, especially in cities, such that CT communities everywhere can achieve their promise.

How It Works

Equitable Investment

Build on existing structures and funding to support community-driven initiatives, including those focused on:

  • Community wealth creation
  • Rental housing supports
  • Community-building strategies


Fair Share

Establish a process in which each town guides its own path in planning and zoning for its fair share of affordable housing. Such a process should include:

  • Step 1: Determine the need for affordable housing
  • Step 2: Allocate the regional need to towns in a fair way
  • Step 3: Empower towns to develop their own plans
  • Step 4: Design incentives & enforcement




"I know from personal experience how hard it can be to reach your potential when structural obstacles are in your way. Our goal should be to make every part of Connecticut a place of opportunity where children and families can thrive."

By the Numbers


Struggling Families

Far too many families are spending more than 30% of their income on housing and living in neighborhoods with too few opportunities


New Affordable Homes

Our conservative estimate of the number of affordable housing units that Connecticut needs is based on the number of extremely low income, severely cost-burdened households


New Homes Over 10 years

Fair Share Housing will lead to hundreds of thousands of new homes (both affordable and market-rate), meaning more housing choices, more neighborhood revitalization, and more thriving communities

$72 Billion


Enabling these new homes will create $60 billion in income for Connecticut residents and $12 billion in state and local tax revenue over 10 years



Employers big and small will get a much-needed boost as we invest in building neighborhoods that work for everyone, resulting in tens of thousands of new jobs

Take Action



"A thriving community creates more opportunities for everyone. Better schools, more jobs, and wider horizons for the future. Together, we can empower families with more choices about where they live so every child in Connecticut can grow up in a healthy, thriving, and vibrant community."


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