After day-long debate, Housing Committee OKs tenant protections

Ginny Monk | CT Mirror

Housing Committee members passed additional tenant protections for Connecticut renters Thursday, despite opposition from Republicans who said the bills violate property rights and discriminate against landlords in a manner similar to discrimination based on race or gender.

During a meeting that spanned eight hours, members voted along party lines to approve bills that would largely end evictions that occur when leases expire, limit consideration of certain criminal records when deciding whether to rent to someone, and require 60-day notice of rent increases.

“Part of the reason that we’re here today is because we have to protect people,” said committee co-chair Sen. Marilyn Moore, D-Bridgeport. “In my opinion, I need to be able to protect people who have to deal with bad landlords, who don’t have the wherewithal, who don’t know their rights.”

Many of Thursday’s arguments were familiar to the Housing Committee. Republicans tend to want smaller government and speak about the value of property rights. Democrats say the industry needs regulation because tenants are living in sub-par housing conditions and facing high rates of eviction.


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