Contact Your Legislator

Step 1: Find your legislators.

Use this link to find your representatives or legislators with whom you have a relationship.

Step 2: Craft your story.

You care about a reforming zoning and creating a more vibrant and equitable Connecticut for a reason that connects to your life experience. Articulate that reason - your own story - for yourself so you can incorporate it into your message.

Step 3: Write your legislators

Develop your email to the legislators you have identified that:

  • Asks for their support of HB 6633, the Fair Share proposal.
  • Succinctly conveys your personal reasons for supporting the bill.
  • Emphasizes the overarching themes of the Growing Together CT movement:
    • The need to reverse Connecticut's stagnant economy.
    • The urgency of creating more housing that is affordable at a range of incomes.
    • The importance of equitable housing choices and ensuring that only a handful of municipalities are not hosting all of the states affordable housing.
  • Requests that they consider becoming a bill co-sponsor.

Here is a sample email.

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