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With rapid increases in rent and housing prices, Connecticut faces a housing crisis that is upending thousands of lives, creating family instability, holding children back from reaching their promise, and stunting the state’s economy.  The 2024 Growing Together CT policy agenda, plus additional proposals that will advance in 2025, will put us on the road to reversing Connecticut's housing crisis.

1. Address Homelessness

  • Invest $20 million to stabilize CT's homeless response system.

2. Just Cause Eviction

  • Ensure that rental housing is stable housing where eviction is possible only with a good reason.


3. Housing Growth Fund

  • Support municipalities helping to solve CT's housing challenges.

4. Leverage Housing Vouchers

  • Fund voucher programs and set voucher values to allow access to all parts of the state.

5. Sewer Infrastructure Planning & Investments

  • Make infrastructure investments in municipalities planning for affordability.


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