Looking ahead to 2025

The 2024 legislative session in Connecticut is over, and it was a tough one for supporters of fair and affordable housing. Still, we’re counting some wins and using this year as a learning experience as we look to make even more progress next year.

Growing Together Connecticut had five proposals on its agenda in 2024. Only one of those – aid for the state’s homelessness response system – made it through the Legislature, and without as much money as had been sought.

The other proposals, including the Housing Growth Fund, money for sewer expansion, funding to expand rental assistance, and Just Cause eviction, were approved by legislative committees but were not passed by both houses of the Assembly. 

The good news is that we’re just getting started. Advocates learned a lot this session, and our work with dedicated legislators and other decision makers will inspire our plans for future sessions. State leaders recognize they can’t look away from our biggest crisis, which is a lack of affordable housing.

We have high hopes for 2025, and look forward to your continued help and support as we move forward.

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