Renters push for ban on 'no cause' evictions, but CT lawmakers are wary

John Craven | News12

Renters packed into the state Capitol on Thursday, pushing legislation that would guarantee lease renewals in most cases.

But landlords are fighting back – and lawmakers are listening.

During a rally at the Capitol, tenants’ rights groups urged lawmakers to ban “no cause evictions,” when a landlord declines to renew a lease when it runs out.

Renters accused property owners of forcing them out to gentrify whole neighborhoods – and even retaliating against residents who complain about poor conditions.

“I never – not once – missed one payment of rent,” said Leslie Caraballo, of Bridgeport. “They served me with an eviction notice to vacate from the property within seven to ten business days. Not due to nonpayment, but simply because they were reconstructing the apartments.”

In 2023, more than 2,200 tenants were forced to leave at the end of their lease, according to the Connecticut Fair Housing Center. That made up about 11% of all evictions across the state.

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