Sewer Infrastructure Talking Points

As we move forward in the 2024 legislative session, we’d like to direct your attention to a plan we think could have a major impact on the construction of affordable housing. 

As you know, infrastructure is key to development of multifamily housing, and we need thousands of units to meet Connecticut’s needs. That includes roads, power lines and, crucially, waste disposal. Sewer lines play a vital role in development, but they are expensive. Not having sewer connection is a common reason for denial of affordable housing proposals. 

Our bill would help towns that don’t have sewer connections and want to build affordable housing pay for those link-ups. 

How it works

This plan is aimed at towns that currently don’t have enough affordable housing.

A town’s Water Pollution Control Authority would make a plan for accommodating a percentage of the town’s affordable housing needs, and change the zoning so the housing could be built.

Those towns would then be eligible for a state fund that would help pay for sewer expansions and connections to build affordable housing. Growing Together is proposing $50 million a year for this fund.

Why we need it

Connecticut is in a housing crisis and we need to build more multifamily housing.

Sewers are expensive. Towns that want to do their part sometimes don’t have sewer connections where housing is proposed, and can’t afford to expand them.

Sewers are the best choice for the environment. 

Looking ahead

Some towns in Connecticut have purposely not built sewers in order to dissuade development. But other towns want to do their part and realize the benefits of new residents. This will help those towns move ahead.

It’s just a step. Housing solutions require actions on all kinds of issues. This could be a real help to get some necessary construction done.

Please reach out to your legislator and express your support for a fund to expand sewer lines to build the affordable housing Connecticut needs.

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