‘Ambitious’ Housing Bill Gets a Second Chance in Connecticut Legislature

Cate Hewitt | CT Examiner

After dying in committee last year, the “Fair Share” affordable housing bill is heading to the floor of the Connecticut General Assembly for a vote after receiving the approval of the state’s Housing Committee earlier in March.

The law, if passed, would supplement the state’s...

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Zoning Practices in Connecticut

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

The Connecticut Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released an interim advisory memorandum on zoning practices in Connecticut. In December, the Committee began an investigation into whether zoning practices in Connecticut perpetuate segregation in the state.

The Committee issues this memorandum to...

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A study shows zoning impediments to multifamily housing in East Lyme and Stonington

Johana Vazquez | The Day

East Lyme and Stonington are among 12 towns across the state with zoning barriers that discourage and impede multifamily and affordable housing, according to a study released last week.

"Zoning for Equity: Examining Planning and Zoning Impediments to Housing and School Diversity" is the second...

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‘Zoning for Equity’ report by local nonprofit finds barriers persist in building affordable housing

Sujata Srinivasan | Connecticut Public Radio

Significant barriers to housing options for low to moderate income families with children persist in Connecticut, according to findings from a new “Zoning for Equity: Examining Planning and Zoning Impediments to Housing and School Diversity” report.

The federally-funded report from Open Communities Alliance, looked...

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New study examines barriers to multifamily housing in CT towns

Ginny Monk | CT Mirror

In at least 12 Connecticut towns, there are major impediments to building multifamily housing that’s affordable, and many of these barriers exist in the name of preserving the towns’ character, a new study says.

The study from the Open Communities Alliance examines zoning policy and...

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Advocates: ‘Fair Share’ law would increase affordable housing in CT

Ginny Monk | CT Mirror

An approach to affordable housing that assigns each town a certain number of units to plan and zone for, based on the needs of its region, would help cut down on housing segregation in Connecticut, advocates said Thursday.

Under the proposed “Fair Share” law, the...

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Growing together: Let’s end segregation and build a better economy

Erin Boggs & Sam Giffin | CT Post

Housing — and housing segregation — has never been so expensive.

Connecticut is one of the costliest places to live in the country. We have the 10th-highest housing costs, so one might expect it to be bursting with high-quality jobs and workers...

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Fair Share would end zoning’s stranglehold on the Connecticut economy

Richard Freedman | CT Viewpoints

For decades, Connecticut has suffered from anemic economic growth and its attendant fiscal problems.  The causes, it is said, are various: an aging population, lack of an anchor city, outmigration to other states and, of course, over-regulation.  For the last decade we’ve had a live experiment...

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‘Fair Share’ affordable-housing bill, gets support, opposition in CT committee

Ken Dixon | CT Insider

Advocates for expanded affordable housing opportunities on Thursday supported legislation that would assess state needs, create plans for every town and city, and provide performance data.

During a public hearing on a bill before the General Assembly’s Housing Committee, favorable testimony was led by Cheryl...

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